Slate Tile

Slate has become a very popular flooring material in part due to its easy maintenance and natural beauty. If bringing the outdoors indoors, or a classic natural style is your vision for your home, slate may be the flooring material you’re looking for.

Slate is formed by clay-like materials that have undergone sustained heat and pressure, compressing its component layers into a tightly packed stack of sheets. This combination of materials and arrangement creates a unique, flat stone that can have any of a spectrum of colors. As it is composed of compressed and heated layers of clay, it flakes apart when subject to pressure perpendicular to the layers themselves.

Naturally Colorful Beauty

It used to be the case that slate could only be found in pale and grey shades, severely limiting its use to matching or contrasting decor. Today, though, slate can be found in nearly any color desired, creating combinations of natural texture and color that matches a wide variety of interior and exterior decorative visions.

Slate Care

Taking care of slate is simple and straightforward, and so long as it is done regularly, it can keep your slate tile in top condition for much longer than if it were neglected.

The most important maintenance you can do for a slate floor is regular dust mopping. Dust and dirt can degrade slate surfaces since slate is itself made up of clay-like particles. Daily or even weekly dust mopping can minimize normal wear and tear. Be sure to run the mop only in one direction, and not weave back and forth.

Welcome mats both inside and outside of an entryway help trap loose dirt from foot traffic, helping to minimize damage.

Regular wet mopping can also be helpful in protecting your slate flooring. This can be done less often than dust mopping, depending upon the volume of your foot traffic.

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