Granite is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops as well as for flooring in high-traffic areas like kitchens & bathrooms. Granite is available in several colors, is very durable, and has low porosity (so it is highly stain resistant).


Granite is a very strong surface. It is resistant to cutting, staining, cracking, and burning under normal use. It is so strong that you will have to go out of your way to damage a granite slab. Special tools with tungsten or diamond blades are required to cut granite-- likely not what you’re using to prep dinner!

On that note-- don’t use your knives to cut food on a granite countertop! Granite is harder than your knives, and will dull them in only a few passes. Your good knives will go from “fit for filleting” to “butter spreading duty only”.

One of the most attractive features of granite as a countertop surface is its availability in large slabs. Slabs provide large areas of unbroken surface, which makes for a cleaner look. Instead of a few inches, slabs are available in widths up to a few feet.

Granite is also burn proof, so setting hot pans on it, straight from the stove or oven, is not a problem.

While all stone is porous to some extent, granite has relatively low porosity compared to other natural stone. This means that standing liquids can leave stains if left long enough-- however it takes quite a while for stains to set. A simple wipe away should prevent any stains from developing.

Granite Care

Cleaning granite surfaces is straightforward. You can use warm soapy water or, if you prefer, cleaners specially designed for stone surfaces.

Like any stone surface, stay away from powder-type cleaners or any other abrasives. These often contain pumice, which can scrape your surface as you clean it.

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