Glass Tile

Glass tile’s potential for beauty is nearly limitless. Available in a wide spectrum of wondrous colors, any shape you can imagine, and with the translucent shine no other material can match, glass is truly a standout among all other tile materials.

Glass has been used as a surface material since at least 2500 BC, originally incorporated into decorative mosaics. Over two millennia later, glass began appearing as a tile material in ancient Byzantium. The expenses in glass manufacturing kept glass tile firmly in the hands of the wealthy until the nineteenth century, when mass production became viable and prices dropped.

Versatile in Application

Since then, glass has been a fixture in homes around the world, especially in kitchen backsplashes and shower walls. You’ll sometimes find glass used to enhance the beauty of swimming pools, adding extra shine, sparkle, and translucence to the water. While more rare, glass is sometimes used as floor tiling due to its resilience. Of course, glass is still used in decorative mosaics, especially for highlights and anything that needs to pop off a darker or less lustrous background.

Responsible Sourcing

Glass tile can be made completely from recycled glass, both post-industrial and post-consumer glass. This keeps manufacturing prices low, and lessens environmental impact on having to source new raw materials in order to create glass from scratch. So whatever color it is, if you purchase recycled glass, it’s always a little “green”!

Glass Tile Care

As a rule, glass is a fairly durable material, and is very stain resistant. However, it is susceptible to scratching which will weaken its shine and turn it dull. Dust and dirt are the most common causes of scratches, so floor tiles are the most vulnerable. Be sure to sweep and dust mop any glass floor tile regularly in order to preserve its beauty.

Care for glass tile is the same as any other glass surface. Use a specially-formulated glass cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe it clean. If the grout becomes dull and dark, use a vinegar-water mix or mild detergent to wipe it clean and restore its brightness. Don’t use harsh cleaners on either the tile or the grout-- you’ll do more harm than good!

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