Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is the longest-used tile flooring material. Its base material, clay, has been collected, refined, and shaped for thousands of years. Its use as tile for interior flooring goes back Ancient Egypt, some 6700 years.

The reason ceramic has been used for so long is its combination of durability, low price, and easy care. Ceramic tiles are fired in kilns at high temperatures, which changes them from malleable clay to very hard ceramic. This creates a hard and durable surface material. Since the raw material is easy to gather in large quantities, prices are kept low. This means that new tiling is less expensive than any other tile option, and replacing any damaged tiles is inexpensive. Finally, ceramic tile maintenance is less demanding than other tile options. Common all-purpose cleaner, simple regular maintenance, combined with a very scratch-resistant surface, means easy care. A perfect combination for a family household.

Ceramic Tile's Incredible Versatility

In addition to its beauty, a primary attraction of ceramic tile is its versatility in application. It is highly customizable, both in terms of its aesthetic design and its application.

Ceramic tiles can be shaped and sized to nearly any specification. They can also be used either in their natural color, or colored by glazing. Glazing is the process of adding a colored layer on top of the tile, and then firing the tile again. Ceramic is an effective substrate for a very durable glaze. All of this means ceramic tile can be adapted to a wide spectrum of custom aesthetic visions.

Ceramic tile doesn't burn or emit toxic fumes, so fire or intense heat is never an issue. Even hot pans will not scorch or melt a quality ceramic tile surface.

Ceramic Tile Care

As mentioned before, care for ceramic tile is simple and easy. It is highly resistant to stains and odors, unlike more porous stones. It can also be cleaned with common all-purpose cleaners coupled with a damp cloth or mop. So in addition to low production, design, and installation cost, ceramic tile has a very low maintenance cost.

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